Quentin Adolphe's

Running Analysis with
Machine Learning (Kotlin)

Android Application that uses Tensor Flow's Single-pose Thunder convolutional neural network to estimate joint positions of human body. Then uses pose classification model to identify phase of running motion (floating or touchdown).

Traversing a Maze
with Turtlebot (Python)

Uses Dijkstra's algorithm to find an optimal path through a maze, and turns that path into a set of commands. A PD controller with tuned parameters is used to control the robots movements.

3D Triangulation with
Stereo Vision (Python)

Performs a stereo calibration to determine intrinsic and extrinsic parameters for stereo vision setup. Uses parameters to determine 3D positions of objects of interest.

Conway's Game
of Life Recreation (C#/C++)

Simulates Conway's Game of Life with an interactive application built with Unity.

Hybrid Images
and Laplacian Blending (Python)

Exploring two different ways to blend two images. Laplacian blending involves using a mask to blend high and low-frequency information across two pictures as seen above. Hybrid images take the high-frequency information from one photo and the low-frequency information from another and merge them into one.

Tracking the Movement
of Tennis Players (Python)

Using temporal averaging and morphological operators, a connected components analysis is used to distinguish between separate objects and track their locations over time.

cubic spline
interpolation (Python)

Passes a smooth curve through a set of points using piecewise third-order polynomials. Constructed linear system and implemented Gauss-Seidel Method for solving it